Second Edition of “Destinos Gaviota” Comes to a Close in Varadero

05 October 2019 4:39pm
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Second Edition of “Destinos Gaviota” Comes to a Close in Varadero

by Jorge Coromina

Already positioned as a benchmark event of Cuban tourism, the second edition of the "Destinos Gaviota" (Gaviota Destinations) travel mart, held in Varadero and inserted in the celebrations for the 500 anniversary of the founding of Havana, came to a successful end.

With the participation of more than 760 representatives of travel agencies, tour operators and airlines in Cuba and the island nation’s top outbound markets, especially from Canada, Russia, Spain, Italy and France, the event lived up to the organizers’ expectations. 

"We want to convey to you the eternal thanks of the Ministry of Tourism for having come to this call so important to us that, with this high participation of more than 760 participants, that has once again been a success," said Manuel Marrero Cruz, Cuba’s Tourism Minister as he welcomed delegates gathered in the conference hall of the Hotel Meliá Marina Varadero. 

"Destinos Gaviota" has undoubtedly become a space conducive to professional exchange, in order for the delegates to get firsthand info from the Gaviota Group and its commercial partners in Cuba.

For this reason, a major group of hotel chains with presence in Cuba made presentations of the products they offer throughout destination Cuba. Keynote speakers included representatives from Accor, Iberostar, Meliá, Grupo Posadas, MP Hotels, Blue Diamonds, Valentín, Kempinski Hotels and Ocean by H10 Hotels. 

The need to fully integrate with the constant and increasing advancement of new technologies in the world, the Gaviota Group revealed some innovations that will make its offers much more interesting and affordable for those who decide to visit Cuba.

Antonio Arias Martín, Head of Developments with the Gaviota Group, spelled out details about the three platforms that his company will undertake in the near future. The first will be the Dream a Destination Group, which, in his opinion, will be "the perfect setting to put across and recognize the work that the company does, so that the journey of your dreams come true in Cuba".

The other two platforms would consist of a download channel and another consisting of an attribute and bonus system. The first will allow customers to download content and information that will make it possible to come up with a trip, eventually serving as a support for articles and advertising on Cuba. 

As for the attributes and bonuses, they will allow tourists -Mr. Arias Martin went on to explain- to share and fully enjoy the destinations they visit on the island, with the appeal that large volumes of sale through the channel, once it’s enabled on, will render in rewards for the users. 

In addition to the lectures and presentations by the hand of the Gaviota Group and its partners in Cuba, attendees of this second edition took a grand tour around several of the main hotels in Varadero, and visited Cayo Blanco, with a catamaran ride that sailed off from the Meliá Marina Varadero Hotel.

Destinos Gaviota

Air Canada Vacations Recognizes the Gaviota Group

The second edition of the "Destinos Gaviota" travel mart, which was successfully held on Sept. 3-6, September on Varadero Beach, was also the framework chosen by Air Canada Vacations to deliver a recognition to the Gaviota Group.

"For positioning their products at competitive prices, for the quality of the incoming service they provide to us and for being the local representative of Air Canada Vacations, is that today we present the “Above and Beyond Award” to the Gaviota Group," said Mabel Ocampo, executive at Air Canada Vacations, as she delivered the award to Mr. Frank Ostulki Rodríguez, Vice President of Marketing for Gaviota.

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