Grupo Piñero Pours Big Funds into Efficiency Actions

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30 April 2022 10:38pm
Grupo Piñero

Grupo Pinero will launch a number of initiatives in a bid to come up with a new hot water distribution system. With that view in mind, the Spanish hotel company will allocate a significant part of the budget, and with which it intends to reduce the emission of 1,722 tons of Co2.

This investment represents a step forward in Grupo Piñero's business management model which, through innovative technology, progresses in the efficiency and sustainability of all its processes in order to guarantee better environmental performance. 

An objective on which the company has been working for a long time and, in this sense, during 2021 it managed to reduce energy consumption per stay by 15% and carbon emissions by 12.6% compared to the previous year.

In the words of Isabel Piñero, CSO Chief Sustainability Officer of Grupo Piñero, “with this operation we strengthen our Sustainability strategy and go one step further in our commitment to energy efficiency. This allows us to progress towards the responsible and sustainable tourism model that we aspire to lead, aligned at all times with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations”. To which she adds “At Grupo Piñero we have been incorporating sustainability into business management for years, integrating environmental, social and good governance criteria in all our business units.”

Within the framework of its new Strategic Sustainability Plan 2022-2030, Grupo Piñero works on Energy and Climate, articulating projects aimed at the installation of photovoltaic energy, the contracting of energy with a Guarantee of Origin, the promotion of sustainable mobility, the modernization of energy equipment, the monitoring of consumption points and the automation of processes and installations with energy consumption.

In this sense, the company promotes a travel model that is efficient and respectful of the environment with the aim of ensuring that 100% of transport is sustainable. 

Likewise, it is moving towards the decarbonisation of its activity with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. To this end, Grupo Piñero is committed to reconverting the energy mix towards a 100% supply of energy from renewable sources. 

Similarly, the company will implement technology to achieve greater energy efficiency in its infrastructures to reduce energy consumption by 40%.

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