Amadeus Launches IBM Digital Health Pass


Amadeus has integrated the IBM Digital Health Pass into its Traveler ID for Safe Travel Platform, making it the first travel brand to use IBM’s solution.

Amadeus is in the process of integrating other digital health passes or health aggregators into its system – in the past the company has mentioned CommonPass and AOKPass – but this is its first digital health pass to go live.

Traveler ID for Safe Travel is a secure, digital system that enables airlines, airports, hotels, travel agencies and other travel partners to automatically verify identification and COVID-19 documentation at any checkpoint. 

It is currently used by Air Canada, Air Europa, Norwegian, Air Corsica, Air Caraibes, French Bee and four other airlines that have not yet been named publicly.

As air travelers check in online, Traveler ID for Safe Travel checks requirements for their destination country and prompts them to scan required documents or upload a digital version. 

The IBM Digital Health Pass then uses a combination of encryption and blockchain technologies to authenticate the COVID-19 health credentials against a global ecosystem of labs, vaccination centers and healthcare providers. 

Airlines receive confirmation that a passenger is ready to fly, without the need for transferring or storing the traveler’s personal health information by the airline or IBM.

IBM says the cryptography and blockchain used in the background help keep the data tamper-proof, trusted and privacy-preserving. 

Amadeus says in the near future it will announce new airlines using Traveler ID for Safe Travel and that the capabilities are also relevant for hotels and airports.

Source: PhocusWire

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