MSC Seascape: The New Flagship of the Fleet

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19 November 2022 5:46pm
MSC Seascape

By Massimo Terracina

Fincantieri, Monfalcone: everything is ready to welcome guests aboard MSC Seascape for the most awaited event: the delivery ceremony. Moored for a few more hours before setting sail for New York where the "naming ceremony" will be celebrated on December 7, MSC Seascape appears in all her imposing beauty.

Climb aboard the largest and most technologically advanced ship ever built in Italy, the XXI of the Mediterranean Shipping Company fleet, the fourth already built for MSC by Fincantieri out of a total of 10 ships requested so far from the Italian shipyard, for a total investment of more than 7 billion euros, generating an economic impact for Italy of around 30 billion, is an emotion.

It is always exciting to step aboard a brand new vessel of this size to immediately discover its innovative design, the features of which will allow guests to admire new horizons through the impressive spaces designed for relaxation, dining and entertainment , equipped with the latest generation environmental technology, with improvements in energy efficiency and equipped with the most recent systems to reduce emissions into the air. To use technicalities, it also has an advanced wastewater treatment system with purification standards higher than most land-based wastewater treatment plants.

MSC Seascape pays homage to the United States, "the other side of the pond" where it will be seconded to sail next year, and in particular to New York City, so on board the design, public areas and their names are inspired " in the Metropolis".

At the heart of the casino appears an impressive 3-meter-high replica of "Lady Liberty", while Times Square is the name of the newly developed large shopping and entertainment area, where an impressive 8.5-metre-high LED wall spans four bridges with projection of the Manhattan skyline that can change from day to night.

MSC Seascape


On board there are 2,270 cabins that fall into 12 different types and suites with balconies, including the coveted stern suites, but also 11 refreshment points, 19 bars and lounges with the possibility of consuming outdoors and six swimming pools, including one aft with ocean view. The MSC Yacht Club is the largest and most luxurious in the MSC Cruises fleet, with almost 3,000 square meters of space and wraparound ocean views from the ship's foredeck.

MSC Seascape, with its 339 meters, is the longest ship in the fleet and offers 13 thousand square meters of outdoor spaces. It is here that the highly distinctive design that includes the spectacular Bridge of Sighs returns: glass floor, located in the exclusive panoramic point on the bridge, 16, 22 meters above the Infinity Pool. 

The delivery ceremony was conducted by Serena Autieri, wel known all purpose artist,  in the theater in the presence of the highest local authorities and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport, Matteo Salvini.

Pierfrancesco Vago, returning from the naming ceremony of MSC World Europa, in Doha, managing director of MSC Cruises, echoed: "Msc Seascape and her sister ship Msc Seashore, delivered just over a year ago and already engaged with great success in the Caribbean, in addition to the two of Explora Journeys, the MSC luxury brand, currently under construction are the concrete symbol tangible proof of our great commitment in Italy and for Italy and on the other hand, they represent the flagship of the most advanced "Made in Italy". Both from an industrial, technological and naval design point of view, as well as for environmental commitment. These ships are destined to bear witness to Italian excellence in the world".

MSC Seascape


And, addressing the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport, Matteo Salvini, he underlined "The shipping, logistics and transport sector requires large investments and is based on multi-year spending programs. It therefore needs political stability. And a strong, authoritative and constant presence in Europe. Italy, like France and Germany - continued Vago - needs to play a leading role in Europe. Because most of the issues related to the shipping sector are now discussed and decided within the Community".

And again he reiterated the CEO, addressed to the Minister: "MSC Cruises is seriously committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050; to do so, however, we need to identify possible new solutions now. A very important role is played by low-carbon fuels ("low-carbon fuels"), which can be produced in a sustainable manner, but the necessary infrastructures are still lacking in this regard. This is why it is imperative that shipowners, shipyards, fuel producers and infrastructure operators work in close partnership, together with the authorities and institutions. I repeat, also at the European level. We recognize that the PNRR - despite having neglected the cruise sector - has allocated important resources to the shipping world. However, it is necessary to be more effective in the planning of the works, more timely in the implementation. More needs to be done on infrastructure. The efforts made by shipowners - by launching increasingly ecological ships - risk being thwarted if, in the ports, there are no electrified docks and the possibility of refueling with LNG and hydrogen. Without intelligent management of the energy transition, we risk putting entire sectors in crisis".

And finally, the owner Gianluigi Aponte has entrusted his niece, Zoe Africa Vago, with the task of godmother, as per tradition, belonging to the family.

And so the bottle breaks on the immaculate hull and the commander Roberto Leotta can take possession of his vessel. It is the beginning of another great adventure.

MSC Seascape will be permanently positioned in North America, the most important international cruise market, giving due credit to Fincantieri and MSC Cruises in spreading "Made in Italy" around the world. Good wind Seascape.

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