Just  like in a “soap opera” the DPCM (Premier Decree) # 21 in the  Covid season, active from today up to November 24 (but we bet it will be extended…), switches off the light to Italians.
Italy endured a terrible lockdown back in March and became the epicenter of the Covid 19 pandemic worldwide. Now, after recovery has started, the lockdown ghost shows back up.
In perhaps the best piece of news for the UK hospitality industry in several weeks, the Canary Islands have been added to the quarantine safe list.
The Canary Islands has been confirmed as the latest member of the growing International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories (INSTO).
Before the new coronavirus pandemic hit, the market share of overseas travelers to Florida was slumping. Visit Florida forecasts big trouble for the global tourism industry.
With ads now running in East Coast markets promoting colorful, uncluttered parts of Florida, the state’s tourism leader said Wednesday her agency will continue “aggressive” marketing.
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