As the cost of travel and virtually everything else soar to historic highs, Avelo Airlines is offering an inflation-relief 50% discount.
U.S. airlines canceled high numbers of flights for a second straight day on Friday as they tried to recover from storms while accommodating growing crowds of summer vacationers.
A U.S. judge on Thursday said that the U.S. Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit against American Airlines and JetBlue Airways would go forward.
An aviation industry group representing most major airlines criticized the European Union’s Parliament on Thursday for seeking to expand its emissions trading system to all flights departing the bloc.
Southwest Airlines Co. announces an investment into SAFFiRE Renewables, LLC (SAFFiRE), a company formed by D3MAX, LLC (D3MAX).
The administration of President Joe Biden on Wednesday revoked a series of restrictions on flights to Cuba imposed by his predecessor.
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