Cayman Airways has announced cancellation of all International service for 3-week period, as airports at Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac closes inbound and outbound passenger traffic.
Hand luggage on U.S. flights can now contain hand sanitizer over 100ml, according to new regulations, according to a news report posted on The New York Times Post, a local newspaper.
Delta now expects a capacity reduction of 40 percent in the next few months, “the largest capacity reduction in Delta’s history, including 2001.
JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes told CNBC network Tuesday that demand for airline flights has fallen more in response to the coronavirus than it did after 9/11.
Lufthansa Group has confirmed it will reduce flight capacity further than previously planned, probably by a quarter.
Air Europa, immersed in a process of continuous improvement in security to ensure comprehensive control in the protection of its customers' data, has received the PCI-DSS certification.
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