Boatsetter Reveals Trending Destinations Ahead of Summer 2024

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30 April 2024 10:07pm

Boatsetter, the leading mobile app for boat rentals, charters, and on-water experiences, has unveiled the hottest travel destinations leading into Summer 2024. Backed by recent booking data and internal search queries, Boatsetter has seen a 115 percent boost in lake-based rentals and a 53 percent surge in pre-bookings for key summer holidays, particularly around the Fourth of July.

The rise of bookings around lake locations has been most notable in Chicago, Austin, Charlotte, and Seattle. Inland lake rentals have historically accounted for an average of 20 percent of the company's total annual bookings, with Lake Michigan, Lake Travis, Lake Austin, Lake Norman, Lake Union, and Lake Washington leading the way as the most popular bodies of water near these major metropolitan areas. In contrast, among trending coastal cities, Miami stands out in the crowd with over 250 percent growth in pre-bookings for the week of July Fourth.

Exploring the upticks in internal search queries observed for major holiday weekends, Boatsetter's list of the ten trending waterfront cities reflects guests searching specifically for boat rentals and experiences in those localities during time periods surrounding Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July week, and Labor Day weekend. Early data suggests that half day bookings (4-hour durations) lead the way as the most popular trip duration, accounting for 60 percent of total bookings, with the majority of trips taking place in the early afternoon between 10am and 4pm. Multi-day bookings are also on the rise, showing a 34 percent increase compared to last year.

"We're thrilled to see a jump in pre-bookings and interest in lake locations soar as we ramp up for the busy summer ahead," said Michael Farb, CEO of Boatsetter. "Guests have a desire to plan ahead and curate extremely unique trips, which Boatsetter's community of local boat owners and operators can successfully bring to life."

As the final countdown to summer continues, Boatsetter encourages travelers everywhere to explore all that the water has to offer in these top ten trending destinations:

  1. Chicago
  2. Seattle
  3. Miami-Fort Lauderdale
  4. San Diego
  5. Tampa-St. Petersburg (FL)
  6. Austin
  7. Destin
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Charleston (SC)
  10. Charlotte (NC)
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