Air Europa Resumes 20 of its Latin American, Caribbean Routes

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13 June 2021 6:50am
Air Europa aircraft on tarmac

Air Europa, as countries gradually lift mobility restrictions and allow, like Spain, the arrival of tourists who have received full vaccination guidelines, expands and restores its operations to Latin America and the U.S., flying already in July to 20 of its 23 destinations. 

After the U.S. has relaxed its recommendations for travel to Spain based on the improvement of the pandemic situation; Air Europa resumes its flights to Miami and, from the 25th, will also incorporate to its transoceanic network its second U.S. destination: New York. 

In July, Air Europa will reactivate its flights to Panama and Salvador de Bahia, so that the level of recovery of long-haul routes, in relation to its pre-covida operations, will already reach 87%.

With the addition of Miami, New York, Salvador de Bahia and Panama, Air Europa offers flights aboard its Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet, the most efficient in the market, to Cancun, Havana, Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Guayaquil, Quito, Bogota, Medellin, Lima, San Pedro Sula, Caracas, Sao Paulo, Montevideo, Santa Cruz, Asuncion and Buenos Aires.  The airline's objective is to gradually increase weekly frequencies, such as its route to Santo Domingo, which is already operated daily by the company, as a function of the greater openness of the different countries and an increase in traffic. 

Likewise, gradually and also following the evolution of demand, the airline will add new frequencies to its European routes to reinforce and, therefore, guarantee an excellent connection, through its hub at Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport, between America and its eleven European and twenty-two Spanish destinations.  

Air Europa will fly its entire transoceanic network aboard its most sustainable fleet, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, capable of reducing its emissions by up to 20% compared to any other aircraft of similar size, and also reducing its noise impact by up to 60%. In addition, the Boeing 787 Dreamliners are equipped with HEPA or high-efficiency filters, the same filters used in hospital environments and capable of capturing particles containing viruses with an efficiency of more than 99.9%. 

The airline's reactivation of its offer prioritizes, at all times, the safety of its passengers. To ensure their well-being and give them the confidence and peace of mind they need to plan their trip, the airline is continuously enhancing its strict cleaning protocols with measures to guarantee their maximum protection. In addition to the aforementioned HEPA filters, there is a reduction in the number of objects that can be handled on board, new boarding and disembarkation processes, maximum separation between passengers whenever occupancy permits, and the ability to carry out all travel-related formalities online.  In this regard, it has improved its website and has developed a new app with the aim of providing customers with an easier and more intuitive service and improving their experience with the brand.

The airline has also made a new fare structure available to passengers so that they can tailor their trip to their needs, and has emphasized its policy of flexibility.

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