Southwest Airlines Announces Executive Leadership Changes

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17 March 2024 6:47pm
Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Co. has announced recent Leadership updates across the Company. These changes are effective immediately and represent a continuation of the organizational structure work at Southwest Airlines® that began in September 2022 and has continued into 2024.

As Chief Information Security Officer, Mills will be responsible for all aspects of cybersecurity across Southwest's® facilities, airports, and aircraft, comprising security engineering, security operations, incident response, threat intelligence, risk and compliance, and vulnerability management.  She will continue leading the Cybersecurity Team, where she is responsible for the daily operation of the Cybersecurity function and lead our top Cybersecurity initiatives, including Privileged Access Management, Technology Data Privacy, expansion of Multi-Factor Authentication, Vulnerability Management, and Incident Response and Recovery.  

Mills joined Southwest in 2017 as the Senior Manager of Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence and Response. Her Leadership and guidance have driven Team wins across numerous efforts to improve Southwest's Cybersecurity posture. Key initiatives include the buildout of an around-the-clock Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities; enhancing the Cybersecurity incident response processes and procedures; the original implementation of Shape Security to combat Customer account takeover attacks; the rollout of improved technologies to aid in vulnerability management and reporting; the deployment of an enterprise-wide Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform; and the development of a Cybersecurity Aviation Team to help meet the requirements of many Federal Agencies, and leading a project to implement an Integrated Risk Management platform. Mills' Cybersecurity domain expertise and Leadership talents have been invaluable in growing Southwest's Cybersecurity capabilities. Mills earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in management information systems from the University of Oklahoma, and she's a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with a long-standing passion for Cybersecurity.

In this role, Dayton will be responsible for building out modern foundational data and technology platforms used and leveraged by Development Teams. The Team's work includes Cloud and DevOps development platforms as well as all enterprise data platforms comprising analytics, optimization, integration, data lake, and data warehouse. Dayton also leads the Technology Architecture function, responsible for the overall technical design of Southwest's systems to ensure the resiliency, security, and effectiveness of the Company's technology solutions.

Before this transition, Dayton led cybersecurity as Vice President and CISO, overseeing all aspects of cybersecurity across Southwest Airlines' facilities, airports, and aircraft, including security engineering, operations, incident response, threat intelligence, risk management, compliance, and vulnerability management. Prior to that, he served as Vice President, Technology–Operations Portfolio, supporting Southwest's complex operating systems such as Flight Operations, Inflight Operations, Network Operations Control (NOC), Safety & Security, and Technical Operations Departments.

He collaborated closely with these Teams to ensure the successful delivery of new technologies that redefined necessary capabilities for Southwest's critical operating systems. Since joining Southwest in 2012, Dayton has served as a Leader in multiple areas of Technology including Operations Recovery, Network Planning, and Revenue Management, and was the Technology Delivery Leader for Southwest's multi-year Reservation System implementation. Before Southwest Airlines, Dayton worked as a Director of Consulting at several companies, including PeopleSoft, i2 Technologies, and Oracle. He previously worked at Capital One Auto Finance as Director of Loan Servicing Systems.

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