United Airlines Rolls Out Innovative Tool for Wheelchair Users

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31 March 2024 6:40pm
United Airlines

United Airlines has introduced a groundbreaking digital sizing tool designed to assist wheelchair users in booking flights, marking an industry-first initiative aimed at enhancing accessibility. This innovative tool simplifies the process for customers to identify flights that can accommodate their specific personal mobility devices based on measurements.

If a customer encounters size restrictions preventing the use of their preferred flight—for instance, if the cargo bay doors are too small for their device’s specifications—and opts for a more expensive alternative flight, they may be eligible for a refund of the fare difference.

Accessible via the United app or the airline’s website, united.com, this tool aims to ensure a seamless experience for customers, from booking and check-in to the flight itself. Linda Jojo, United's executive vice president and chief customer officer, emphasized the importance of understanding customers' devices to enhance their overall experience, while also supporting employees, particularly those working on the ramp or at the gate.

United Airlines collaborated with its Accessible Travel Advisory Board, along with Numotion and United Spinal Association, in developing this tool. Numotion, a leading provider of products and services for individuals with mobility limitations in the U.S., and United Spinal Association, representing the nation’s 5.5 million wheelchair users, contributed to the tool's design.

Mike Swinford, CEO of Numotion, praised the new tool for streamlining flight selection and ensuring compatibility with specific mobility devices, thereby enabling travelers to focus on enjoying their journeys.

David Lyons-Black, a Canadian travel advisor specializing in Accessible Travel, lauded the tool as a positive step for the industry, highlighting its benefits for both travelers using mobility devices and travel agents. As a wheelchair user himself, Lyons-Black emphasized the tool's simplicity in addressing the issue of cargo door compatibility, making every trip easier for all travelers.

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