Sen. Schumer Begs JetBlue to Stay in New York

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21 March 2021 5:19am
Jetblue plane rising

Senator Chuck Schumer (NY-D) personally pleaded with JetBlue’s boss not to shrink the budget airline’s Big Apple workforce as it weighs shipping jobs to Florida, according to Fox Business.

The senior New York senator said he made his case on a phone call with JetBlue Chief Executive Robin Hayes Wednesday evening.

On Thursday, Schumer said he wanted to remind Mr. Hayes that JetBlue’s roots and its future are in New York. He also pointed out the billions of dollars in federal aid that airlines like it have received during the coronavirus crisis.

“With the critical pandemic relief dollars we just delivered on to help save airlines like JetBlue, and the thousands and thousands of New Yorkers they already employ, the airline should actually clear the runway to grow here, not recede,” the Democratic Senate was quoted as saying according to the Fox Business report.

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