Carnival Cruise Line Likely to Restart Sailings by the End of 2020

Caribbean News…
06 September 2020 6:25am

Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald mentioned that there are chances that the ship may sail from U.S. ports before the end of 2020. 

It has been also studied by the Cruise companies that Italy has started cruising recently and this has given hopes to the service providers. The services have to move and take necessary steps to continue functioning even when the world has experienced havoc.

Though the situation of Italy is different from that of the United States, yet he added that this decision brings hope to the business movement. However, Donald suggested on Cruise Radio that the public should be assured that ships would not sail till adequate health facilities have been achieved and proper care is taken. 

Only when the risk will be reduced, the facilities will begin. But with the growing uncertainties it is studied that Donald understood it is difficult for the community of cruisers and hence he mentioned that they are slowly focusing on the possibilities of restarting the services by ensuring absolute protection to the guests. Following health safety regulations and providing absolute care to the people are top priorities.

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