London Travel Week Is back for 2021

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14 September 2021 8:24pm
London Travel Week

Taking place from Friday 29th October to Friday 5th November 2021, London Travel Week will be returning to play a pivotal role in the reconnection of the travel industry.

London Travel Week will bring together industry events that will celebrate the future of travel and provide attendees with the first chance to meet face-to-face.

Over the seven days surrounding WTM London 2021, there will be a series of industry events taking place all over London, combining to form this global travel-hub of events.

The event aims to accelerate business growth through its unique combination of networking, knowledge sessions and sponsored, bespoke events and business opportunities.

One of the main highlights of London Travel Week will be a travel awards ceremony held at Kensington Palace on November 2 by Wanderlust – the leading consumer travel magazine.

The ceremony will host the Wanderlust Reader Awards, the Wanderlust World Guide Awards and the Wanderlust Travel Awards.

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