Jacuzzi Partners with Magnificat Hotel & Resort

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18 November 2021 8:33pm

Magnificat Hotel & Resort, the elegant Abruzzo resort, located just 25 km from Chieti, has joined the Jacuzzi® Sensational Wellness™ project, an initiative signed by Jacuzzi® and dedicated to all facilities that make wellness a new opportunity for business, increased visibility and user services. 

Situated between the sea and the mountains, embraced by the vineyards of the Canosa Sannita hills, Magnificat Hotel & Resort combines traditional Abruzzan hospitality with the requirements of the modern age. A fully fledged experience of Abruzzo culture and traditions which offers all the pleasures of modern comfort. A warm, welcoming, attentively designed facility, ideal for a vast range of activities: excursions, walks along the coast and visits to typical Abruzzo hamlets.

But, undoubtedly, one of the reasons why guests from all over the world continue to choose Magnificat Hotel & Resort as the place to relax is the wellness it offers, thanks to its discreet, quiet rooms and Jacuzzi® solutions, including five Jacuzzi® Lodge+ spas, whirlpool baths designed specifically for tourist resorts, tourist farms, camping & glamping facilities and hotels. 

The solution is designed for intensive use in hospitality facilities, and can be installed either with skirting, in the Silverwood and Roasted Chestnut finishes, or built-in: its minimalist design makes it perfect for any garden, terrace or leisure area, and its simple, user-friendly controls make both the backlit touch screen controls for the guests and the remote controls with protective masking for the resort staff particularly easy to use. 

Jacuzzi® Lodge+ creates the best possible atmosphere even in the evenings and night time, with multicolour underwater lighting and its “Silent” mode, which shuts off the recirculation function at set times so that guests in adjacent rooms are undisturbed by its operation. 

Jacuzzi® Lodge+ is also perfect for hospitality applications due to its minimal maintenance requirements, the CLEARRAY® UV water purification system which removes up to 99.9% of pathogens and the Quick Drain® system, which drains the tub up to 50% faster than conventional solutions, so that the spa is immediately ready for its next users.

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