WTTC: Over 400,000 Travel Jobs to Remain Unfilled in the U.S.

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26 July 2022 3:44am

A new analysis by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), which represents the global Travel & Tourism business sector, estimates 412,000 Travel & Tourism jobs in the U.S. will remain unfilled this year, putting in serious jeopardy the recovery of the sector. 

According to WTTC’s data, one in 18 jobs remained vacant during the first half of 2022, highlighting a talent crunch that has plagued the sector since early 2021. An estimated 321,000 Travel & Tourism positions went unfilled in the January - June 2022 timeframe (a 5.4% shortage), and worker shortages are expected to persist into 3Q, peaking at 412,000 sector job vacancies (a 7% shortfall).

During 2020, employment in the sector dropped by 35.9% in the U.S. at its lowest point. As global Travel & Tourism began recovering in 2021, the U.S. saw a 12.4% hike in the number of jobs directly supported by the sector, adding a welcome 480,000 jobs back into the market.

Despite the positive growth in 2021, sightseeing, transportation, accommodation and recreation are experiencing the most serious labor shortage impact this year. Employers in the accommodation industry in particular could struggle to find suitable candidates for nearly one in seven hotel and resort job postings.

According to WTTC, the outlook could be more positive later this year and into 2023 if government officials and the public sector work together to increase the availability of eligible workers while adapting sector career opportunities to better appeal to top talent.

The United States Census Bureau data indicates that between 2016 and 2020, international migration to the U.S. plunged from around 1.05 million people to just 477,000.

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