ITB Berlin, Statista Take Closer Look at Environmental Awareness

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09 June 2022 5:20am
ITB Berlin

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the tourism and travel industry accounts for around ten percent of global GNP, seven per cent of global exports and more than ten percent of jobs. The industry is large – and also has a noticeable impact on the environment. Globally, tourism accounts for around 5 percent of CO2 emissions.

A 2020 eco-awareness survey by the German Environmental Agency found that for 65 percent of Germans environmental and climate protection is a very important issue. Over 77 percent of those polled see human activity as being the main cause of climate change. According to the Global Consumer Survey (GCS) by Statista, which worldwide polled up to 60,000 people per country in over 55 countries, climate change has an influence on the travel behavior of 65 percent of all tourists in Germany.

The current Statista survey now shows that German travelers are indeed aware of the environmental impact of their individual transport. In response to whether they would change their travel behavior because of climate change, the most frequent answer given was “avoiding (long-haul) flights“.

However, deciding not to travel at all for reasons to do with sustainability is rare. Of the German interviewees planning not to travel in 2022, only six per cent gave protecting the environment as their reason. Accordingly, the threat posed by climate change is not generally affecting people’s desire to travel, but potentially influencing how they go on holiday.

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