Google is rolling out Travel Insights with Google, a website the tourism industry worldwide can use to understand travel demand and make better-informed decisions.
Virgin Hyperloop recently completed its first test run with passengers in Nevada. The system uses electric propulsion and electromagnetic levitation under near-vacuum conditions.
Flying taxi startup Lilium will set up its first U.S. hub near Orlando, putting more than 20 million Floridians within range of the winged electric aircraft that can take off vertically and cover 300 km.
Packed with cameras and sensors -- many of the same technologies found in an autonomous car -- the suitcase uses artificial intelligence (AI)
Sabre Corporation and Google are developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven technology platform that is an industry first in travel. 
A nonprofit foundation is testing a smartphone app that could make it easier for international airline passengers to securely show they’ve complied with COVID-19 testing requirements.
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