Travelgenio Expands Partnership with Sabre

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12 January 2021 6:30am
Travelgenio Sabre

Travelgenio, one of Europe's largest online travel agencies (OTA), has expanded its partnership with Sabre Corporation and has chosen it as the preferred partner for virtual card technology. 

Rolling out Sabre's automation and virtual payment technologies (Sabre Virtual Payments) is a cornerstone of Travelgenio's strategy to tap into the expected surge in leisure travel.

The expansion of its relationship with Sabre marks a new chapter for Travelgenio and is part of a move to streamline its GDS relationships and focus on leveraging technology to create a compelling shopping experience. 

Operating in more than 50 countries worldwide, Travelgenio will now use Sabre's industry-leading technology to help boost its revenue and transform its business during the anticipated recovery period and beyond. 

One key focus will be on Sabre's integrated automation technology, which will enable the OTA to eliminate many manual processes – reducing costs, removing friction from the travel experience and – ultimately – getting people travelling again.

Travelgenio has already started using Sabre Virtual Payments. The payments sector is expected to play a crucial role in the recovery of travel, creating an urgent need for travel companies to adopt more sophisticated payment technology to drive efficiencies in their businesses. 

As one of the most flexible electronic payment solutions in the travel industry, Sabre Virtual Payments offers multi-bank, multi-card, credit and prepaid account payments, which allow customers to select the best payment option and the most favorable payment terms.

In addition to supporting its customers through the COVID-19 pandemic, Sabre is working to realize its long-term vision regarding personalized travel. The technology company has already invested in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities that will be successively rolled out through its suite of technology next year.

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