Edmund Bartlett Calls on Regional Airline to Improve Travel

Caribbean News…
24 July 2022 10:40pm

Chairman of the OAS Inter-American Committee on Tourism and the Minister of Tourism, Jamaica, Edmund Bartlett, recently saw the requirement for an effectual regional airline that would improve Caribbean tourism.

At the opening session of the Organization of American States (OAS) High-Level Policy Forum, this particular call came from him to talk about different methods of safeguarding the tourism industry of the region from disturbances, like an intimidating recession. It’s being organized at the Holiday Inn 20-21 July 2022 with almost 200 members participating in person as well as virtually.

Under the theme: Building the Resilience of Small Tourism Enterprises (STE), the two-day event is being arranged in the Caribbean to Disasters with the hope that it will offer devices that would help in handling disruptions effectively, comprising the ones related to the climatic and economic type.

Arranged together with the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, the forum of Ministers of Tourism, Permanent Secretaries and other high placed officials in policy-making is giving more priority to the urgency of small enterprises related to tourism.

Minister Bartlett said that the discussion had created the way for a grave debate on tourism’s future as an authentic driver of Caribbean’s financial development and as a tool for inclusive growth. The forum also paved the way for a re-imagining the protocols of tourism and re-establishment of them and enable freedom of movement.

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