LAX Offers Travelers 3-Hour PCR Test Results

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10 January 2021 8:13pm

LAX airport is offering a new and super-fast on-site testing facility that delivers results within 3-5 hours.

Many destinations are requiring negative PCR test results for entry, leaving travelers scrambling to find a clinic that offers test results in time for their flight. LAX is now offering a rapid-PCR test with results as speedy as 3 hours, making fulfilling entry requirements a breeze.

Since LAX is one of the busiest international airports in the U.S., many travelers who are not already departing from this hub are re-routing their layovers to LAX in order to get the test results they desperately need.

Many nations, especially in the Caribbean, Central and South America are still allowing American tourists to visit but are requiring they bring proof of a negative PCR test in order to do so.

The testing site at LAX offers the type of PCR test that is widely accepted for entry by these countries. The rapid testing lab is located on the Lower/Arrivals level, next to parking structure 6.

Source: Travel Off Path

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