Adobe's Cutting-Edge Travel Industry Upgrades

28 November 2017 9:47pm
Adobe's Cutting-Edge Travel Industry Upgrades

The travel industry is incredibly competitive, and Adobe is helping companies better understand their customer base through the use of analytics.

Adobe debuted a series of innovations last week that will supply travel companies with advanced analytics and the data management platform, Adobe Audience Manager, that can help them compete with other companies in their field.

The new capabilities include Context-Aware Sessions, Audience Analytics, enhancements to Analysis Workspace, as well as virtual report suite updates for mobile teams.

In addition, the innovations from Adobe enable increased collaboration, provide faster analysis and improve customer intelligence, all of which allows travel brands to derive insight with speed and precision.

“The integration of Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager has created window of opportunities that significantly benefits MGM Resorts International, the travel industry, or any company for that matter,” MGM Resorts International director of digital Analytics Sylvester Obafunwa said in a statement.

“Within the first couple weeks in testing out this new feature in beta, we were able to confidently prove out key user characteristics, that ultimately increased the propensity for a user to book a particular set of properties. Understanding our customer so intricately completely changes the game on a creating a personalized experience. This allows our brand to fulfill our goal of providing a seamless personalized user experience from online to in-resort, helping to build loyalty in real-time.”

Some of the new travel technology features in Adobe Analytics include cross-channel journey analysis on the fly, continuous audience refinement, new location context visualized for everyone and more.

“Adobe is the leader in marketing analytics, with thousands of brands leveraging our tools in unique and advanced ways,” Adobe Analytics Cloud vice president Bill Ingram said in a statement. “We are the only company that provides in-depth behavioral pathing and powerful segmentation that’s truly accessible to users at all skill levels, and today we’re ensuring that the analysis has even greater context to help drive business success.”

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