The Bahamas Rolls Out New Mobile App


Just days after reopening for tourism, The Bahamas has launched a new mobile app to make it easier for tourists visiting the destination. The island just began accepting visitors on July 1.

According to a news report posted on Travel Pulse, The app includes downloadable island guides, flight charter request processing and recommendations based on the user’s location in The Bahamas.

The flight charter request makes the app unique. Guests can charter inter-island flights, including in groups, choose where they’d like to travel to and pick their travel dates. Travelers will receive a flight confirmation within 24 hours.

There’s a guide for 16 different island destinations in The Bahamas, from activities and events to transportation options. The app can be found on Apple or Android applications.

The Bahamas reopened its international borders last week, with all tourists needed to present a verified, negative coronavirus test that is less than seven days old. Travelers arriving in The Bahamas without an approved negative result will either have to pay for a test once they arrive or quarantine for 14 days. Anyone showing possible coronavirus symptoms will be transferred to an area away from other passengers for further evaluation.

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