Today’s Top Trends in the Travel, Event Industry

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11 January 2022 4:38pm

Social networks will be the key tool to establish this new model in the different sectors; especially in the tourism, events, and meetings industry. In fact, investment in it had a more significant growth during 2021, according to information compiled by Merca 2.0. 

Of course, this will be reflected in the global economy. As experts say, by 2024, investment in digital advertising and social networks will have doubled. 

Although most of the predictions were made before the COVID variant, Omicron, was released, it is very clear where the trends are headed, and they have already begun to be defined. Among those that will most influence the tourism and events sector, the following stand out:

While we are becoming increasingly accustomed to performing small tasks through digital elements, the industry could soon take the next step. Little by little, artificial intelligence is making its way into the service sector. Chatbots, apps for making reservations or placing orders and, in certain countries, the robotization of processes, have been on the rise.

If semi-virtual processes are on the rise, connectivity will have to keep pace. In order to keep millions of users constantly online, networks such as 5g and Wi-Fi 6 will take the lead. This, in turn, will lead to more interaction in the virtual world. The best example of this point is the evolution of Facebook with its new project: Meta.

Certainly, if the workspace is different, so will be the skills needed to perform it. This is probably one of the easiest trends to notice. Automated checkouts or changes in transport service ticket offices are a small example of the digital evolution. 

In short, the key to success in this adaptation to the semi-virtual world is social networks. Through them, companies will be able to reach their desired audience, positioning themselves to stand out in a sea of possibilities. 

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