CATA Handpicks Promotourist to Lead Communication Policy in Europe

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01 March 2020 4:57am

Promotourist, a public relations agency specializing in tourism, travel, gastronomy and lifestyle, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, will be tasked with implementing the tourism communication strategy for Central America in Spain. 

Likewise, Promotourist, through the Travel Lifestyle Network (TLN), will coordinate the same activity in five other European markets: France, Italy, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, and will attend CATA in the main European sector fairs. 

Under the Central America brand and through the Central America Tourism Promotion Agency (CATA), the destinations of Panama, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic are joining forces to strengthen the region's tourism projection. 

A multi-destination territory that shares an enormous cultural richness, present in its stately colonial cities, unique natural experiences by concentrating 12% of the world's biodiversity and a growing potential as a venue for world meetings and congresses. 

The Central American region is going through an exciting time, as it faces 2020 with numerous projects and challenges. Among them, there is a Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development for the entire SICA region (Central America plus the Dominican Republic) with which it is committed to sustainability as a fundamental value.

On the other hand, one of the main objectives of Central America is the consolidation of the multi-destination offer with attractions that combine perfectly with each other as complementary destinations, providing tourists with a variety of proposals to appreciate a multicultural and diverse region. This is how the 8 countries of the region present themselves with a more complete vision, putting in value all the assets of their territory. 

In this sense, the challenge of connectivity plays a very important role, in which work is currently being done to achieve better integration. The region has 47 seaports and 29 airports, which ensure connectivity between the countries to guarantee the flow of cargo and passengers visiting each of the countries. 

The countries of Central America are moving forward every day on the route to consolidate themselves as an exceptional multi-destination with the participation of the Dominican Republic's tourist offer, which has positioned itself as the window of entry from the European continent to the Central American isthmus.

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