Norwegian, Amadeus Partner for Health Checking Tool

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29 June 2021 5:24am
Norwegian plane in the air, Amadeus logo

An increasing number of travelers returning to the skies, so verification of health records at departing, in-transit and arriving destinations will become a time-consuming part of the passenger experience.

In response, Norwegian has deepened its partnership with Amadeus to pilot Traveler ID’s digital health verification capability. The Amadeus solution will be embedded within the passenger self-service check-in experience, whether done through the airline app or website.

Travelers will be able to declare the required health documentation within the app which will then be checked against the destination’s requirements.

At a national level, Norwegian are also working with the airport authorities Avinor, the Norwegian government and the Norwegian Directorate of Health to ensure full collaboration across all parties as the airline works towards the common objective of restarting travel.

Traveler ID is also fully integrated into the airline’s check-in system, meaning that once the traveller has completed the information it can be referenced throughout the entire trip in a fast, convenient and secure manner.

Source: Travel Breaking News

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