Carnival Corporation Sells a Couple of Vessels for Scrap

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04 August 2020 8:46pm
Carnival Imagination

Carnival Corporation has signed agreements with maritime reclamation and recycling specialists Ege Celik and Simsekler to dismantle two retired ships.

The vessels - Carnival Fantasy and Carnival Inspiration - are among a total of 13 ships currently being removed from the fleet as the company battles back from the Covid-19 shutdown.

Carnival worked with the environmental non-profit Bellona Foundation and the specialised ship recycling experts Sea2Cradle to formulate an approach to dismantling and recycling the ships.

Carnival selected Turkey-based Ege Celik and Simsekler based on their track records of compliance with key national and international environmental agreements and regulations.

Both recycling companies are certified by the Hong Kong convention for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships.

The hips will be stripped of machinery, electronic equipment, glass, wood and other materials that can be directly upcycled for reuse in new ships, used in ship repair or repurposed for other applications.

Steel and metal scraps will be salvaged and recycled for direct use or be sent to the mill for producing other products and goods.

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