WTM Responsible Tourism Awards to Recognize Tourism against Covid 19

Caribbean News…
25 May 2020 11:46pm
front desk workers with masks

The World Responsible Tourism Awards 2020 will be dedicated to recognizing those in travel and tourism who have taken significant steps to address the multiple challenges brought to the travel industry by the Covid-19 crisis.

According to Travel Daily Media, the awards will be given out on World Responsible Tourism Day on 2 November that will take place during WTM London. The last few weeks have seen an outpouring of innovation and solidarity from the travel industry, and this is what WTM wants to recognise this year.

Harold Goodwin, responsible tourism adviser at WTM London and Emeritus professor said: “The awards this year are about recognizing those in the travel and tourism sector who have made a real effort to address the impacts of Covid-19 and used their resources and facilities to make things at least a little better.”

Unlike other years, there will be no categories to enter. Instead, any destination, business, organisation or individual can register their initiative.

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