Excelencias Gourmet Award to the Mexican state of Coahuila

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30 March 2022 12:30am

Caribbean News Digital Editor

During the opening session of the State Tourism Council of Coahuila, Mexico, the president of the Excelencias Group, Jose Carlos de Santiago, presented the Excelencias Gourmet Award to the authorities of that Mexican state for the "La Senda del Cabrito Gastronomic Route", an effort that seeks to rescue the traditions of Northeastern cuisine.

The ceremony was attended by Lucía Azucena Ramos Ramos, from the Secretary of Tourism and Development of Magical Towns; Eliseo Ramiro Durán García, mayor of the municipality of Arteaga; the Secretary of Welfare, Manolo Jiménez; Fernando de las Fuentes, Secretary of Government, and Francisco Saracho, Secretary of Education, among other state authorities.

At the meeting, held in the presence of more than one hundred businessmen, presidents of chambers and associations, there was a dialogue on strategies to be followed in tourism matters for this period.

Among the attendees, Francisco Martínez Lomas, president of the Hotel and Lodging Association, emphasized that Coahuila is a national reference for the development of tourism.

On her part, Ms. Lucia Azucena Ramos Ramos highlighted the long-standing relationship between the state of Coahuila and the Excelencias Group, a bond that has allowed this Mexican territory to have a stronger presence worldwide, thanks in large part to the Excelencias Awards. 

In his speech, Jose Carlos de Santiago, president of the Excelencias Group, underscored the importance of the state of Coahuila in the field of tourism, given that it has been a key player in the implementation of several tourism strategies nationwide. 

The Excelencias Awards were created 17 years ago by the Excelencias Group with the goal of fostering excellence in different fields related to tourism, gastronomy and culture in Ibero-America. These awards have become a benchmark in the realm of Ibero-American tourism and gastronomy.



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