Excelencias Travel Gets the WTN’s Safer Tourism Resilience Seal

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16 November 2020 4:48pm
Excelencias Travel WTN seal

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Excelencias Travel, a travel agency run by the Madrid-based Excelencias Group, has just received the Safer Tourism Resilience Seal granted by the World Tourism Network (WTN).

In a letter sent to our headquarters in Madrid, WTN wrote “we approved you for your commitment to safer tourism in allowing you and encouraging you to show the Safer Tourism Resilience Seal on your websites and other products.”

Excelencias Travel is a travel agency based in Madrid, Spain, which closely collaborates with Cuba, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador in a bid to promote Spanish and European outbound tourism to those Caribbean countries. The agency specializes in package vacations, car rentals and the organisation of full-fledged experiences in nature, health and adventure tourism for customers.

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