The shock announcement that the United States is suspending travel into the US from 26 European countries in a bid to halt the spread of novel coronavirus increases the global restrictions on worldwide travelers.
Axiom Space is offering deep-pocketed customers a trip to space. The company is offering an all-inclusive stay on the International Space Station for $55 million.
The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is calling on the entire travel and tourism community to play a hands-on role in the recovery plans once the coronavirus crisis is over.
According to information posted on the Cayman News Service, January was another record breaking month for overnight guests, which follows 2019.
The latest figures from the Costa Rica Tourism Board show that 78,562 visitors from the UK travelled to the destination in 2019.
The timing for this year's CHIEF and its value to industry participants could not be more important during these uncertain times according to the forum organizers.
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