ITB Berlin 2017: Sustainability High on the Agenda

08 March 2017 9:53pm
ITB Berlin 2017: Sustainability High on the Agenda

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has declared 2017 the year of sustainable tourism.

The focus is on the economic, ecological and social objectives pursued by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

For many years, ITB Berlin, through numerous initiatives, has campaigned for greater social equality, protecting the environment and human rights.

It makes use of its key role to promote a dialogue with companies in an effort to provide economically, socially and ecologically responsible tourism products and services.

In this context, the ITB CSR Day at the ITB Berlin Convention is a driving force. On 10 March, leading figures in politics, business and science will discuss innovative concepts, best practices and the economic potential of sustainable tourism.

The main topic will be ’Sustainable Food and Beverages in the Hotel Industry and at Tourism Destinations’.

Food and drink are vital to life, a part of people’s lifestyle and important in tourism.

At an event moderated by Christine Demen Meier, chair of Food & Beverages at Écolehôtelière de Lausanne EHL, Olaf Koch, chief executive of Metro AG, and Carlos Martin-Rios, assistant professor at Ecolehôtelière de Lausanne, will discuss the future impact of ’Sustainable food and beverages’ and how hotel managers should address the issue and what obstacles need to be overcome.

Afterwards, a high-level panel discussion with sustainable tour operators, commercial airlines and experts from the German Travel Association will debate ’Climate – Customers – Communication: How Can Sustainable Travel be Marketed Successfully?’.

The panel will discuss the best communication methods for marketing tourism, which tools are tried and tested and the best arguments for convincing customers to book sustainable tours.

Under the heading of ’Sustainable Tourism Destinations – The Status Quo and Lessons Learned’, one year after the practical guide to sustainable tourism destinations was launched with the Federal Ministry of the Environment and the Federal Nature Conservation Bureau at ITB Berlin 2016, the German Tourism Association will be summarizing developments so far.

Panel members will include Jochen Flasbarth, permanent secretary at the federal ministry for nature conservation, building and nuclear safety, and Armin Dellnitz, vice-president of the DTV.

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