As the rescue and recovery effort continues in the aftermath of wildfires that swept portions of the island of Maui, the local tourism board and airlines are asking travelers to reconsider their travel to the island. 
Amtrak published survey findings that demonstrate strong support from American voters for continued passenger rail investments, including infrastructure renewal and service expansion.
Greece’s prime minister is offering a “do-over” for travelers whose trips to the holiday island of Rhodes were canceled or truncated due to the country’s wildfires this summer.
At least 36 people have died after wildfires, fanned by winds from a faraway hurricane, devastated much of the resort city Lahaina on Maui island in Hawaii.
According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), TSA agents seized 6,542 guns at the nation's airports in 2022.
While airlines may offer travel insurance options, opting for a comprehensive general retail travel insurance policy via comparison sites like Yonder Travel Insurance proves to be a superior choice.
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