AT&T, Concord Hospitality Enhance Safety for Hotel Employees

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30 September 2021 6:35am

AT&T is working with Concord Hospitality Enterprises to provide hotel associates with a wearable, connected solution to help keep employees safe and secure while they are on the job. 

AT&T Staff Alert was custom-built with Link Labs to help full-service hotels fulfill the AHLA 5-Star Promise to enhance hotel safety. Associates can use the device to summon help if they are injured or feel threatened in any way.  

An award-winning hotel development and management company, Concord Hospitality prioritizes the safety of its associates. With a growing management portfolio that includes more than 140 premium select-service, lifestyle/boutique, and full-service hotels and over 20,300 rooms in the U.S. and Canada, the company is now deploying AT&T Staff Alert in all locations to help enhance the safety of its workforce.

AT&T Staff Alert is lightweight and activates an alert for help when an employee presses the buttons. The associate's location is then sent to hotel responders, who are designated at the property level, to provide immediate assistance. 

It uses AT&T's LTE Network and an Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure along with Bluetooth Low Energy Technology, meaning the solution does not require a Wi-Fi network to operate. 

AT&T's solution is fully monitored and supported 24/7, 365 days a year. This provides hotel managers the comfort of knowing if there is an issue, they will have continued monitoring from AT&T.

AT&T Staff Alert also has components that can help organizations protect their property as well as their staff, including locator tags that can be attached to any asset to provide near real-time location information.

Other components include environmental sensors that can monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, light, noise and water leaks. Fill-level sensors can monitor hand sanitizer stations, cleaning supplies, trash cans and bathroom supplies. 

Contact sensors can monitor whether doors and windows are open or closed and presence detectors can count the number of guests or associates in an area.

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