Meet the COVID Hunter, a New Tool to Fight Covid-19

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31 January 2021 12:11am
Covid Hunter presentation in West Palm Beach

A new device developed by a West Palm Beach-based company is giving hope against the fight against COVID-19.

Called the "COVID Hunter," developers say the handheld device can detect not only the coronavirus but also several mutated strains.

Unveiled at a Tuesday news conference, the portable technology is billed as "the world's first touchless viral detector specially designed to immediately identify the presence" of the virus.

"Our American company, along with international partners, is offering a path out of this terrible public health crisis," said Donald Redman, CEO and co-founder of AMSI.

"The distribution of The COVID Hunter would allow rooms, restaurants, venues, vehicles, hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, and others to be scanned for SARS-CoV-2. Surfaces with the virus will be cleaned and retested to ensure the disinfectant was successful. Once areas are clean, persons and objects entering the area would be scanned to screen for the virus," the company said in a written statement.

Covid Hunter

Developers say this technology will allow the world to resume common activities we enjoyed before the pandemic hit last year.

The product was developed by Advanced Medical Solutions International, which says they are working to have their product approved by the FDA for emergency use authorization.

"The COVID Hunter does not compete with vaccines. … The COVID Hunter complements vaccines," said Dr. Adeeb Al-Zoubi, co-founder and chief scientific officer of AMSI.

Source: WPTV (West Palm Beach)

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