USVI Unveils Online Portal to Prescreen Incoming Travelers

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04 August 2020 8:46pm
The U.S. Virgin Islands has introduced the first phase of an online portal

In a bid to slash the spread of Covid-19 and to streamline the entry process, the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism has introduced the first phase of an online portal that processes pre-screening info and assists with the certification process of travelers prior to their arrival.

According to Travel Weekly, the portal will help reduce delays, improve efficiency and provide a more seamless traveler experience, according to commissioner of tourism Joseph Boschulte.

The portal guides travelers through a series of screens to explain the process.

Any traveler aged 15 and older whose state of residence has a Covid positivity rate higher than 10% or who has traveled in that state for more than seven days has to produce a negative test result received within 5 days prior to travel.

After travelers upload their Covid-19 test results and personal data, the information will be processed within 24 to 48 hours and a certification code will be issued.

The portal screening and certification will eventually replace the existing manual procedure, which requires completion and screening at the airport upon arrival, the information concludes.

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