Cayman Islands with No Timeline in Sight for Reopening

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18 February 2021 7:10pm
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Cayman Islands' Premier Alden McLaughlin said that there are no firm plans in place to reopen the islands' borders to tourism, according to the online Cayman Compass.

During a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting, McLaughlin said that due to the arrival of new Covid-19 strains and concerns regarding the protection offered against the new variants "it has become increasingly challenging to develop a firm timetable to get the Cayman tourism economy up and running again."

The premier said that the goal to reopening hinged upon getting enough people vaccinated.

He said the "greater challenge" was to persuade residents to get the vaccinee. "Without that there is no way to reopen safely, as all around the world is constantly demonstrating to us," he said.

The government initially had been eyeing a March reopening based on a significant number of vaccinations completed. McLaughlin told the Cayman Compass that the reopening is contingent "upon getting at least 90% of the vulnerable population vaccinated."

Shipments of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine have been arriving from the U.K. in recent weeks.

Source: Travel Weekly

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