Grenada Takes on New Protocols to Help Tourism

Caribbean News…
17 September 2020 11:44pm

Grenada has announced it will adopt new protocols for the hospitality and entertainment industries as part of the measures to boost economic activities given that the island has not recorded any positive case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) for the past two months.

The new protocols will become regulations under the Public Health Act and will allow for new measures in place so as to grant permission for mass gatherings based on the size of the venue.

The tourism sector has been significantly affected because of the measures including travel, undertaken by countries to prevent the spread of the virus.

Steele said that the relevant authorities have looked at the various protocols that are existing in Grenada and in other CARICOM countries and regions outside of CARICOM and have decided to re-evaluate.

Permission for social activities will rank from simple sit-down dining to dancing/feting events.

Source: Caribbean National Weekly

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