Havana’s International Airport to Open on Nov. 15

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11 November 2020 3:39pm
Havana's Terminal 3 International Airport

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Cuban authorities report that Havana’s José Martí International Airport will open to normal operations on November 15. The move was announced by the Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero, during a meeting with German tour operators.

Mr. Marrero said opening the Havana airport, the only major airport on the island that’s not now open, would send a message of great confidence about security on the island.

The Minister of Transport, Eduardo Rodríguez, said in a TV appearance that the Havana Airport is in compliance with all health and safety standards related to COVID-19.

A feature report aired on national television informed that all biosafety and hygiene protocols are now in place to open the island nation’s largest and busiest airport, though at the onset only Terminal 3 will be fully operational.


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