Bitter End Yacht Club Ready to Open in the BVI

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05 December 2021 4:48pm
Bitter End

After being completely obliterated by Hurricane Irma back in 2017, the waterfront resort in the British Virgin Islands is set to reopen this winter with a very exciting new feature: the first and only overwater bungalows in the territory.

Located on Virgin Gorda, Bitter End is the final island outpost before the Caribbean Sea meets the open Atlantic Ocean. This secluded spot is known as the “end of the line”, hence the moniker. 

Set across 64 acres, the privately-owned retreat was opened by the Hokin family in 1973 and quickly became a popular destination for seafarers. After Irma hit, the property closed for four years, during which time the Hokins treated it to a full makeover.

To that end, Bitter End 2.0, as the Hokin family likes to call it, has been outfitted with breathtaking new Marina Lofts. Cantilevered over the ocean, the handmade timber bungalows were actually inspired by the vintage sail lofts where sails used to be made.

Set across two levels, the handmade timber bungalows are ripe for relaxation. The first floor sports a spacious lounge and bathroom, while the second floor is home to a master suite with a king-sized bed. 

There is also a private terrace on both floors that offers picture-perfect views, plus a hammock right by the water’s edge. There are currently only two bungalows complete and available for bookings in December, but 10 more bungalows are scheduled to be ready in the near future.

In addition to the luxe accommodation, there’s a new waterfront plaza overlooking the North Sound. It will offer several distinct dining options, including a new twist on the clubhouse and a waterfront bar, as well as a watersports center with a new fleet of water toys and a boutique for holiday shopping.

Source: Robb Report

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