Colima 71 Art Community Hotel in Mexico City Presents its Latest Addition

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22 April 2024 8:47pm
Colima 71

Colima 71 Art Community Hotel in Mexico City proudly presents its latest addition: a striking viral artwork by Chavis Marmol. Though untitled, it has been affectionately dubbed "Cabeza Olmeca Aplastando a un Tesla" by the public.

This artwork graces Colima street in Roma Norte, serving as a profound reflection on societal evolution and cultural identity in the modern world. Our involvement in this masterpiece underscores our dedication to nurturing artistic endeavors. Every step, from sourcing the monumental stone to sculpting the nine-ton sculpture in Chimalhuacán, resonates with our commitment to Mexican talent and craftsmanship.

Following nine months of production, the artwork, complemented by a donated Tesla, now stands proudly next to the hotel. Beyond its visual impact, Marmol's artwork sparks vital conversations about heritage and contemporary existence, including the arrival of Elon Musk's Tesla plant in Monterrey. As a focal point for discourse, we encourage exploration of its symbolism and engagement in meaningful dialogue about tradition and modernity.

At Colima 71, our commitment to the arts extends beyond aesthetics. We foster an environment where creativity flourishes and diverse voices are celebrated. Ana Ongay, the Art Curator of Colima 71, highlights the versatility of art and encourages diverse interpretations. "Art has the potential to inspire profound societal impact", notes Ongay. "By investing in the arts, we elevate our cultural standing and empower artists to make a lasting difference. Through initiatives like adding Marmol's piece to our permanent collection and featuring works by other artists throughout the property, we aim to enrich Mexico City's cultural landscape and inspire future generations". 

With 16 suites blending modern aesthetics and authentic Mexican hospitality, Colima 71 stands as a beacon of artistic expression in Roma Norte. By redefining hospitality and leaving an indelible mark on Mexico's cultural landscape, Colima 71 Art Community Hotel remains steadfastly committed to promoting creativity and engaging with the community.

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