Carol Hay served a long tenure as CTO (Caribbean Tourism Organization) director for Marketing UK. After being at the helm of that chapter and leaving the organization in 2019, she founded McKenzie Gayle Limited
Q & A with Carlos Martínez, Senior Manager, Partnerships with PressReader
Caribbean News Digital sat down with Petra Cruz, director for Europe of the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism's Tourism Promotion Office, about the achievements and forecasts of the Dominican travel industry.
Gregory Shervington has been at the helm of the Jamaica Tourist Board’s Europe Division -headquartered in Berlin- since April 2014. His office attends both OTDYKH and MITT in Russia.
It’s official. Hugh Riley, who spent ten years at the helm of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), is stepping down from the post. This is a farewell talk with Caribbean News Digital.

Q & A with Nicolas Doyle, Owner of White Star Aviation

Cuba has become a sky of opportunities and many visionary businesspeople are willing to fly through its clouds. Caribbean News Digital sat down with Nickolas Doyle, owner of White Star Aviation, a company founded three months ago and based in Southampton, London.

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