EUROAL 2016 Travel Market Now Ready to Roll

31 May 2016 7:15pm
EUROAL 2016 Travel Market Now Ready to Roll

This coming 2nd to 4th of June, Torremolinos will become the Andalusian Tourism Capital, drawing international attention with the celebration of the 11th Travel Market EUROAL 2016.

Over 300 delegates from 34 different countries will gather there, into the most important appointment in the Mediterranean arch, representing stakeholders involved in the promotion and sale of destinations all over the world.

Outbound tour operators, MICE buyers, incoming travel agents, official institutions and destination promotion organizations, hotel chains and tourism services companies are registered for this EUROAL 2016, to prepare the new lines for holiday destinations to hit markets this coming autumn.

The chairman of the EUROAL 2016 organizing committee, Luis Callejon, and its general secretary, Carlos Mena, have informed in a media conference, just a few days to its opening, progressing figures for this year edition.

170 exhibitors and co-exhibitors, 63 holiday tour operators, and 14 specialized MICE buyers. Forecasts indicate more than 2500 business appointments, 6% over last year’s figures.

This year, EUROAL 2016 will dedicate one full day to the public -Saturday 4th of June- with leisure and family activities, at the same time promoting the destinations.

Countries from four continents, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, as well as the Middle East are sending their delegations to Torremolinos. Andalucia -host region- and Malaga-Costa del Sol as scenario for the encounters, will have a featuring position on the promotion in international tour operators markets. All regional entities will be present in the event.

Mr. Callejón expressed his gratitude to all these institutions for their support and cooperation towards this Tourism Salon in the Costa del Sol, the only international tourism event hosted in a municipality, not in a capital city. This reality confirms the strong influence of Torremolinos in the tourism industry. He criticized however, the absence of the Malaga Chamber of Commerce and Unicaja.

India, Argentina, Chili, Cameroon, Mali, Cuba, Dominican Republic, the city of Mayaguez (Puerto Rico), Ecuador, Paraguay, France, Portugal, Belgium Holland, Brazil, Colombia, Algeria, Russia, United Kingdom and Spain as host country, will be present with institutional and business delegations.

For the first time in the eleven editions, the Chamber of Commerce will have presence but will not have an active role in the event. Apparently, somebody forgot to include EUROAL in 2016 budgets and it has no funds to renew the official sponsorship agreement had until now.

Nepal comes to EUROAL 2016 to reposition itself in the markets, after April and May 2015 earthquakes. The country will feature in one of the Destination promotions, showing an ample portfolio of adventure and expeditionary tourism, with a growing value as a paradise for trekkers.

Two other destination and tourism products presentations come from IBERIA airlines, showing its new routes, fleet and services, and the Puerto Rican city of Mayaguez: "the other Caribbean".

Moreover, as well as Nepal, the Republic of Macedonia comes for the first time to the Costa del Sol to promote as a culture and nature destination. This country focuses in the segment of travelers searching for a different way of encountering nature, with landscapes combining beautiful lakes and picturesque and colorful cities full of traditions.

Heritage tourism, cultural as well as architectonic will also have a central space in EUROAL 2016. Tourism offices form Poland, Chequia and Hungary return with a joint promotional action towards the registered international tour operators in the workshop, all united under the motto: "In the heart of Europe".

Among new countries and destinations coming this year to the Palacio de Congresos de Torremolinos, will also be Vietnam and the city of Puebla (Mexico), to be honored as Cultural Destination in Latin America.

India, Argentina, Chile, Cameroon, Mali, Cuba, Dominican Republic, the city of Mayaguez (Puerto Rico), Ecuador, Paraguay France, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Colombia, Algeria, Russia, United Kingdom and Spain as host country, will have their institutional and trade delegations.

Registered tour operators and buyers come from international markets such as Belgium, France, Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Holland, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Algeria, Russia and United Kingdom besides Spain, among others.

EUROAL general Secretary has emphasized the philosophy of the tourism fair since its beginnings. To make business, promote, increase contacts, and essentially "to create a platform of tourism promotion among world markets, for the host city of Torremolinos, as well as the Costa del Sol and Andalusia.

More than 60 international tour operators and MICE buyers registered originate from consolidated international markets such as Belgium France, Holland, Portugal, Brazil, Chili, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Algeria, Russia, United Kingdom and Spain.

EUROAL 2016 will open its doors Thursday 2nd of June at 10.00 o'clock and will be accessible through previous and free registration until 19.00 o'clock (Friday as well). Saturday 4th of June from 11.30 to 20.00, a day addressed mainly to final consumer public, including children activities, folklore exhibitions, tastings, a giant paella, and a conference by the journalist and blogger Paco Nadal, from El Viajero’ (Diario El País).

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