Meier’s Weltreisen Megafam: Cuba Pretours Get Cracking

26 November 2014 3:44pm
Meier’s Weltreisen Megafam: Cuba Pretours Get Cracking

The Meier’s Megafam pretours will pan out to be an excellent opportunity for German tour operators to take a closer look at Cuba’s top travel destinations before all the companies huddle at the Valentin Perla Blanca Hotel in Cayo Santamaria, the venue of choice for the main workshop.

Tour operators will split in several groups bound to tour the different travel destinations across the country. A first group will be stationed in Cayo Coco, with accommodation at the Memories Flamenco Cayo Coco Hotel. Members are expected to take a catamaran ride and watch the Gran Caribe Club Cayo Guillermo and the Sol Cayo Coco resorts before having lunch at the Meliá Cayo Coco Hotel and later on head for the Meliá Jardines del Rey.

The second group will stay at the Memories Varadero before embarking on a ride to Cayo Santamaria down the Santa Clara-Remedios trail. They will have lunch at the Mascotte Hotel before arriving at the Valentin Perla Blanca Hotel.

A third group of tour operators will stay in Havana, with accommodation at the Parque Central Hotel. They are expected to take a city tour of the island nation’s capital that includes lunch at the Divina Pastora Restaurant and a nighttime tour around Old Havana.

A fourth group will stay at the Pesquero Hotel in Holguin. They have been slated for a catamaran ride to Cayo Saetia and a dinner at the specialty restaurant of the Playa Costa Verde Hotel. The following day they should check on the Blau Costa Verde resort before heading for the Playa Costa Verde and Sol Rio de Luna Mares hotels. A day after that, they’ll make a city tour of Camaguey and dine at the Gran Hotel in that same burg.

Another group will stay at the Hotel Tryp Habana Libre in the Cuban capital. These tour operators will visit Pinar del Rio’s Viñales, having lunch at Finca San Vicente and staying overnight at the Habana Libre. The day after and before checking in at the Valentin Perla Blanca Hotel, the group will visit Santa Clara and Remedios.

The sixth group will be staying at the Patriarca Hotel. In store for this group there’s a ride on the Crucero de Sol (Sunshine Cruise) and a nightly visit to Pueblo Marina. The following day they will take a closer look at the Blau Marina Varadero, Meliá Peninsula, Meliá Varadero and Breezes Varadero, with a lunch break at the Royal Hicacos. The group will move on to Cayo Santa Maria, but before that they will tour the cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

The seventh group will stay at the Iberostar Laguna Azul Hotel. Activities will kick off with visits to the Memories Varadero, H-10 Ocean, Paradisus Varadero, Meliá Las Antillas and IB Playa Alameda hotels, followed by a chance to watch the sunset on a catamaran. The day after will feature a jeep safari before moving on to Havana for scheduled visits to the Breezes Jibacoa, Panorama, Sevilla, IB Parque Central, Saratoga and NH Capri hotels –they will stay overnight in the latter. The following day the group will go to Cayo Santa Maria down the Cienfuegos road, with a brief layover at the Marina in Trinidad and a lunch break at the El Cubano Restaurant.

Caribbean News Digital will provide extensive coverage of this major event, with a correspondent accompanying the megafam groups and reporting on all their activities and the main workshop to be held at the Valentin Perla Blanca Hotel.

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