In the Raw: Nudist Cruise Set for 11-Day Caribbean Voyage

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07 May 2024 10:27pm
nudist cruise

Get ready for a unique voyage on the high seas where luggage will be minimal: an 11-day nudist cruise will depart from Miami to the Caribbean next February. On this voyage, you'll leave behind the worry of packing your suitcase for days, since with just one article of clothing you'll be able to do everything.

Bare Necessities has partnered with Norwegian Cruise Line to offer this flesh showcase event, which clothing-averse guests will enjoy aboard the Norwegian Pearl, which will be renamed “The Big Naked Ship.”

“As always, it's a pleasure to provide you with the luxury of deciding what NOT to wear,” states a message on the Bare Necessities site.

The cruise will make stops in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and St. Maarten, but guests will be required to cover up if they disembark the ship for sightseeing.

Onboard, strict rules will apply, such as mandatory clothing in the ship's indoor dining areas. However, a “large buffet area for outdoor nude dining” will be set up.

To maintain hygiene, nudists will be required to lay down a towel before sitting “in the stateroom, on the pool deck and in the buffet area” if they are baring their buttocks.

Nudist cruise prices start at around €1,800, but passengers with a bigger budget can opt for a three-bedroom luxury villa for more than €30,600.

Bare Necessities, which has already organized more than 75 nudist cruises in the past, offers a peculiar experience, as one previous passenger described it, “Cruises seem to be for people who like to eat and relax, so there were a lot of big people.”

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