Hotel Panic Button: Los Angeles Mayor Signs Hotel Safety Ordinance

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11 September 2022 7:10pm
Los Angeles

In early July 2022, Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, signed in to order a new law to be followed by all hotels in the residing area. The ordinance's goal is to provide a safer environment for hotel employees to protect them against emergencies such as assault and other crimes that may occur. Laws similar to this one have become common across the U.S. To combat this new ordinance, companies such as REVLAB Technology LLC have developed what's known as a "Panic Button" system which can be installed inside a hotel to provide room-based location alerts for staff in need. 

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REVLAB's Panic Button Extendable Solution

REVLAB utilizes their custom Room-Identifier Beacons to pinpoint the location of the user to the exact room in the hotel within seconds! With the company's newest version of panic button technology, safety has never been so easily accessible.

Aside from the main functionality of a Panic Button, REVLAB offers more to their customers. The company provides business-managed smartphone devices with their Panic Button Software pre-installed. Providing smartphones to hotels, not only fulfills the local law/ordinance, but can also increase productivity by using the phones for communication, scheduling, or property management.

The Hotel Panic Button solution by REVLAB is compatible with iOS / Android Smartphones. Being a mobile application allows the lightweight designed solution to be highly cost-effective at as low as $1-$2/room/month of coverage. The fully compliant system can be installed within a few hours by the hotel staff. The panic button system works through a few simple steps.

How it works…

  1. Press the "Panic Button" on the Device to request help
  2. The request for help is stored in a secure Google-hosted database for record-keeping
  3. Within seconds, emergency services are contacted
  4. Hotel staff is alerted of the incident that is ongoing through push notifications and SMS text alerts
  5. Police arrive on the scene and are guided to the user's location

As similar legislation waits to be approved in other states across the nation. REVLAB remains ready to accommodate a growing market of Panic Button users to ensure hospitality safety nationwide!

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