New Marriott-Branded Hotel Coming to Dominica

Caribbean News…
04 September 2021 7:17pm

Anichi Resort and Spa, a much-anticipated luxury resort set on a picturesque beach of the Commonwealth of Dominica, has announced that the construction on the project is going according to timeline. 

Anichi Resort and Spa tastefully blends world-class architecture with tropical foliage. The project also brings in interest from investors who are keen to be a part of the development through Dominica's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. Once completed, the resort promises to transform Dominica's tourism sector while also boosting employment for the local community.

Operating under internationally renowned hotelier Marriott's exclusive Autograph Collection, the resort will host 128 rooms and a lagoon swimming pool, infinity pool, world-class restaurants, a business centre and more. Under Dominica's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme, investors also have the opportunity to purchase either preferred or freehold shares as well as second citizenship.

Investment into Anichi through CBI's real estate route provides you with a return on your investment and an efficient means of diversifying your wealth and assets. It also rewards you with a second home that ensures you and your family are protected, particularly during times of unpredictability. 

Besides the Marriott-branded hotel, Dominica is currently constructing several other luxury properties from hotelier giants like Hilton while also expanding its boutique villas – all of which are included under the island's CBI program. This strategy has positioned the island as one of the best destinations for eco-luxury, particularly as each of these properties is built with sustainability and resiliency at its core.

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