A large oil spill off the southern California coast left fish dead, birds mired in petroleum and wetlands contaminated, as well as beaches closed.
Kurtis Rudd has been named CEO of Tourism Trinidad, the agency tasked with the development and marketing of Trinidad's tourism offerings and promotions.
The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma shot lava into the air in loud bursts on Thursday morning while toxic ash blanketed the surrounding area.
The Miami airport will host the two dogs—Cobra, a Belgian Malinois, and One Betta, a Dutch Shepherd—for a 30-day pilot program.
Georgia Aquarium announced that the Aquarium is the first organization to take advantage of Greener Life for Business with GNG.
Two Caribbean island nations have introduced curfews and rules to stall the spread of Covid-19: Puerto Rico and Jamaica.
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