Spain´s Excelencias Group Sets Up Caribbean HQs in the Dominican Republic

13 July 2006 6:00am

With over fifteen years of operations in the Caribbean and the Americas, Spain-based Excelencias Group (EG) is reaching out to new horizons with the grand opening of its Caribbean headquarters in the Dominican Republic, a market that promises to give a touch of its own to communication products and services EG has to offer.

During his speech, EG President and CEO Jose Carlos de Santiago said “there´re increasingly clearer signals that the Caribbean is moving toward unification, a reason why the region´s two largest countries –recipients of 10 percent of the 42 million tourists that visit the insular Caribbean every year- are gearing up their hotel infrastructure to lure trekkers of higher purchasing power, without discarding the kind of visitors they´ve been welcoming up to now.”

In this sense, Mr. de Santiago called on tourism authorities to “look to the newer, brighter future of the Caribbean by opening the doors wide open if they really want to see this region become a tough competitor in the world market.”

As part of its presentation in the local market, EG is putting out a special bimonthly issue of its trademarked magazine specially designed for Dominican market. Dominican Excellences will be published in Spanish language with a 75,235-copy-per-issue printout and will be distributed in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A local edition for the Dominican public will circulate all across the Dominican territory with special and unique contents.

Caribbean News Digital, EG´s online newsletter on travel and tourism, will feature a special section intended to reach the professional sector of the Dominican Republic.

The ceremony for the unveiling of these proposals –held at the Aquarium Hall of the Lina Hotel- was attended by Dominican Tourism Undersecretary Magali Toribio on behalf of Tourism Secretary Felix Jimenez.

Other boldface names at the ceremony were Tourism Undersecretary Luis Simo, hotel entrepreneurs, foreign ambassadors stationed in the Dominican Republic, customers and member of the press.

EG´s new offices in the Dominican Republic will by on 7 Bolivar Avenue, Cornelia Square, Bldg. H, Suite 302, Gazcue. Phone numbers: 809-221-1012 / 809-313-5939. Email: For further information, click on

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