Tourist Excellencies Awards to the Management of Latin American and Caribbean Tourism Offices in Spain and Europe

09 November 2006 6:00am

The Excelencias Group will soon be doling out the Tourist Excellencies Awards (TEA) to the management of Latin American and Caribbean travel offices in Spain and Europe. These prizes have been created to single out the hard work and efforts conducted by those offices in both the promotion and advance of travel industry in their respective countries.

The GOLD AWARD went to Central America Tourism Agency (CATA), with a special mention to the Central America Tourism Council, for its endeavor in unifying travel promotion and development among the region’s seven nations and for being the only company of its kind that has succeeded outside the Caribbean and Latin American boundaries.

CATA has taught a lesson to CTO’s member states as far as travel advertisement in Europe is concerned by reaping important outcomes in such fields as immigration policies, attendance to major fairs and tradeshows, and international campaigns targeting all nations within the region. Angela San Miguel, CATA’s current director, will accept the award.

The SILVER AWARD went to the Mexico Tourism Promotion Office (MTPO), represented by Ximena Carranza, Head of the MTPO Office in Spain, Portugal and Europe. The vote is a recognition to the office’s outstanding communications campaign and its achievements in the international promotion of a country packed with a multitude of travel destinations.

The Tourist Excellencies Awards jury, made up of travel industry professionals with longstanding and recognized results in the hospitality sector, voted to give the BRONZE AWARD to the Dominican Republic for the “excellent effort carried out in its strategy and policy shift in order to position that nation as a high-end travel destination in the Caribbean.” The award was accepted by Petra Cruz, Head of the Dominican Tourism Office for Germany and Europe.

Special Mention to Model Actions

In a bid to recognize the paramount endeavor conducted in the recovery of the Cancun travel destination, the jury voted to hand out three special mentions in the Model Actions category. These awards will be dished out to Francisco Alor Quesada, Cancun’s Municipal President; Gabriela Rodriguez Galvez, Tourism Secretary in the state of Quintana Roo; and Artemio Santos Santos, Director-General of the Cancun Travel Trusteeship.

In addition to that, the jury voted to give two more special mentions. One of them to highlight the titanic efforts carried out by the Cancun Federal Electricity Commission, awarded to Engineer Alfredo Elias Ayub and Arturo Escarza Sanchez, Superintend of the Quintana Roo state.

The other one went to the Cancun Commissioner of Public Security, Traffic and Firefighters, awarded to Ricardo Adrian Samos Medina and Chief of the Firefighters Department Gregorio Vergara Rodriguez for the job conducted in the recovery of that travel destination.

The TEA jury will be presided over by Mr. Jose Carlos de Santiago, president, CEO and editor-in-chief of the Excelencias Group. The committee will be formed by Javier Castillo, director-general and co-president of Air Asturias; Herminio Galvez, senior sales manager in Europe for SuperClubs Resorts; Jorge Collantes, head of the Research and Human Resources Department of the Spanish Center for New Trades and Professions; Javier Navarrete, former marketing and PR director of BBVA Argentarias Group; Jaime Hernandez, former communications director for General Motors, and David Sanchez Sotillo, chief of Internet Operations at Bankinter.

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