Tecnoazucar Unveils New Rum at FITCuba 2019

10 May 2019 1:26am
Tecnoazucar presentation

Conde de Cuba, a rum that at first sight distinguishes by the beauty of its presentation, recognized by far by the color of its labels. It comes to us from the Amancio Rodríguez wineries in Las Tunas, and it is a rum that houses all the flavor of that rich and exclusive sugarcane that is born in eastern Cuba.

Produced by Tecnoazucar whose General Manager, Enilda Menédez, and its Communication Director, Pedro Martínez, along with representatives of the Spanish distributor and distillery Rives and tourist sector official in the country; the presentation of the Count of Cuba rum 7 and 15 years, took place within the framework of the International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2019.

The rums of this line are aged in barrels of American white oak. Manufactured in the United States, then they travel to Scotland or Ireland, where they are used for a while until they reach Cuba, where we are interested in their wood and not in the taste of the whiskey they once had.

Here they are cleaned well and subjected to a process of roasting, getting a completely new barrel.


Conde de Cuba 7 years Rum

For those of us who do not know much about the interior of this world, the number means, in our rums, a minimum aging of the aged bases from which our rums are born, bases generated year after year and aged in barrels the above-mentioned barrels.

This 7-year rum, is the image of a slow, slow aging that shows us precisely the exquisiteness of our aged, who are still sweet, light, because they have the style of those born from the honey or molasses of the sugarcane, a typical way to make rum on our island.

With an amber color, transparent, translucent, cute, that evidences the aging time, and that was also filtered, so it never has particles in suspension. It enters soft and light in the nose; 38 degrees of alcohol, a distillate, which allows to perceive the aroma of the molasses of the Cuban cane, the smell of the wood of the barrels and if we smell a little more, vanilla.

Once you taste it in the mouth, you feel it rich, soft, pleasant, inviting you to a second sip…

After this first tasting came a tasty Guantanamero coffee, which pair the 7 years, to give way act followed, to Count of Cuba 15 years rum.

Conde de Cuba 15 Years Rum

Its bottle has a C, as the reference to the name itself, but also to Cuba, Cadiz, and even to that sugarcane from whose honey is obtained so exquisite product. This rum represents the top of the members of this line. And its number indicates the youngest aging of the rums that integrate the mix of aged bases that compose it.

A rum with a much more intense gilding, with a more complex aroma, although it still smells of cane, its subtle and rich sweetness that distinguishes it from the rest of the rums of the world. In this mixture is also present the vanilla, the roasted aroma that gives it that time of aging in barrels.

The sommelier in charge of the presentation, Ivonne de la Puente, commented on these 15 years:

"Once you taste it, the first thing you will feel will be that sweetness of our sugarcane, taste it, smell it, enjoy… 38 degrees of alcohol because it is also a distillate, very well achieved, that becomes complex in the mouth, long, that after swallowing it feels that it leaves that flavor to wood, rum and honey; that subtlety of something that we like and invites us to repeat… a rum born from the art of knowing how to mix, that distinguishes our master of the rum. Cheers!"

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